At Spargs we love to please & help clients.

Our whole goal at Spargs is to save you money, and keep you safe, by giving you the right advice. Motoring costs are rising but you can minimise that with good advice and good maintenance. Cars are all so different now. Using the wrong oil, parts, wheel alignment setting that go outside manufacture’s recommendations, end up raising your maintenance costs long term, and you burn more fuel in the short term. Let us take care of you and your family.

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Buying a vehicle? Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspections in a work shop are better because Mobile or On Site versions don’t use hoists. And we scan them with the latest tools & will send photos of faults on request.


Auto Servicing

Sparg’s Auto Tune offers private and fleet servicing for petrol and diesel vehicles to ensure you are driving a safe reliable vehicle.



What most important to you when choosing tyres for your vehicle? Cheapest, longest lasting, safest, or the best combination?


Engine Diagnostics

The most common reason people come to us, outside of regular auto services, is warning lights flashing on the dash. Solution = Scan.


Auto Repair

When things break down on your vehicle, is your worst fear, getting charged for parts and services that may not be necessary?


Wheel Alignment

NEW ‘Hunter’ wheel alignment machine means better, faster results to ensure your tyres last longer, you use less fuel.


5 Ways to Save Fuel and Save Money

  1. Servicing
  2. Tuning
  3. Wheel Alignment
  4. Tyre Pressure
  5. O2 Sensors

Frequently Asked Questions

It is usually nothing major, so come and get a diagnostic scan.  Don’t leave it and take a chance though, because a $50 part can turn into a $500 disaster very quickly.

The discs are probably out of line. Latest on car disc lathe allows us to fix this usually for around $95.

Usually it’s low on gas or is leaking. Book an appointment with us to check it for you.

We don’t do anything to your vehicle without your permission.  Even if it is only $10, we will call you. No surprises on repairs.

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5 Stars

“Chris and his team, I thank you guys so much for taking care of my car and helped me in time I needed. I really appreciate your support. Thank you soo much and highly recommended. Thank you.”

- Sudhirraja Cherukuri
5 Stars

“It’s always a great pleasure to deal with Sparg’s. Best communication I’ve ever had. They always stood up to my high expectations. Special thanks to Sean, you the best!”

- Maxim Seryakov (MadMax)
5 Stars

“I got my WOF, oil and oil filter done, and changed a fuel pump there as well. My car’s been good since I was with Sparg’s Auto Tune.
Great services, friendly mechanics, and decent price. Highly recommended.😊👍”

- Grace
5 Stars

“I had a service and a warrant done. Fab communications. Good honest service. Absolute pleasure to deal with. 2nd household car getting booked in soon!”

-Christine Gillies

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