Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection North Shore Auckland

What’s different about our Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection?

  • Pre purchase car inspection will be done in the workshop which makes it more comprehensive.
  • All the latest and advanced technology for diagnostics will be on hand.
  • On Site vehicle inspection services means it can be done properly in dry and wet conditions.
  • Bad body work can be checked easier and detected.
  • We do a full vehicle check with our latest scan tools to analyse the over health of the vehicle including any module codes or fault codes
  • Having it done in a used car lot , where it might be raining, and using only a jack, means it cannot be completed properly.
  • With our car inspection services, we will take pictures of body marks or oil leaks or things that should be made aware to our client and emailed to them.

Thinking of buying a car?  We’ll make sure you buy a safe reliable vehicle.

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Vehicle Pre Purchase Inspections North Shore Auckland

We Perform A Complete Visual and Operating Inspection


We perform a complete visual and operating inspection of the vehicle. You get a keen experienced eye, together with the latest technology for diagnostics to give you peace of mind.  We’ve no vested interest in whether you compete the purchase, which means we’ve got you back!

Pre Purchase Vehicle Inspection North Shore Auckland

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