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Mechanic North Shore – Spargs Auto Tune 09 442 1091

Mechanic North Shore

If you search North Shore Mechanic …

and land here with us, you’ll be wanting great value and great auto service.

We have over 30 years of extensive experience in automotive care and we are always up to date on the latest technology and advances in the motoring industry.  We understand that going to mechanics is not everyone’s favorite thing, so we are careful to ensure that the experience you have, is a painless as possible.  Any visit to the mechanic for a car service will result in some of your hard earned money being spent.  The key is ensuring that the right amount is spent over the course of time.

There is no point spending excessive amounts now, on something that will not cost more in the future, why do it now?  Equally, some things will cost more if you leave them, so why wouldn’t you fix it now, rather than be met with an even bigger expense later?

This is what sets us apart.  Careful thought and discussion with you, to make sure you are getting the best advice and making the best decision for you and your family.

State Of The Art Diagnostic Equipment

This amazing technology allows to quickly and easily diagnose issue with your engine.  We only use the finest tools and latest technology.  This helps you by saving time, and giving a more accurate picture of what is happening with your car.  Our eyes are great, but humans can miss things, that this technology will not miss.  Also, it may shows us that something to the naked eye seems serious and costly, but the Technology may save you some money because it may turn out that it is not such a big deal after all.   Either way, you are the winner.

Our goal is to have search for Mechanic North Shore, find us, and never have to look again, because you know where to come, and you know you’ll be taken care of the best.  We’ll treat you and your vehicle with a combination of comfort, and quality care. Through our care and concern we look forward to helping you have a safe reliable vehicle and keeping your future car maintenance costs down to a minimum.

Experience The Difference

We pride ourselves on professionalism, friendly staff and the latest diagnostic technology in the automotive industry, that provide our provide our clients with safe, reliable vehicles at costs they love.

Look up Mechanic North Shore and then Call us for your WOF Warrant of Fitness or Auto Service today.

Spargs Auto Tune
#D 62 Porana Road
Wairau Valley
Auckland, 0627

09 442 1091

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