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Auto Servicing at Spargs, for Low Cost, Safe &  Reliable Motoring.

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It’s all about trust and balance and integrity when it come to getting your car engine maintenance right.

‘Integrity’ ensures you can ‘Trust‘ that you won’t be conned into unnecessary expenses.  ‘Balance’ that, with getting the right maintenance, at the right time will avoid large expense in the future.  That’s the secret to being a trusted auto repair service mechanic.

Our customers trust us because we get that balance right.  Want proof?  These Customer Reviews are streamed live into our website from the internet from sites like Google and Finda under the search Mechanic.

Ladies … if you have car problems, you’ll enjoy coming to Sparg’s Auto Tune because Natalie is your first point of contact.  We know that you often feel vulnerable going to mechanics for an automotive service, because if you don’t know much about car repairs (and you shouldn’t need to) you can get taken advantage of pretty easily.   Nat will take good care of you.

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We are an approved automobile mechanic with the following vehicle insurance providers:

  • Drive right
  • Auto sure
  • Vero
  • Jansens

Going to an auto mechanic workshop is not everyone’s favourite thing, we get that.  You want to know you are not spending money on stuff that won’t be a problem any time soon.  Here’s how we help you with that.

Over 30 years of extensive experience in auto repair, means Chris has have a keen eye for detail.  We use the latest car diagnostics technology.  If you have car overheating issues, or warning lights flashing on your dash, our car service options will sort it for you.

This amazing ‘state of the art’ technology allows us to quickly accurately and easily diagnose issues with your engine.  We plug it in, and the information it produces is incredible.

This helps to avoid large future car engine repair costs because potential problems are spotted early.

You avoid unnecessary auto maintenance costs.  It will tell us if some of the stuff that would normally be part of ‘regular tune up’, is running perfect, and can be left as is.

End result = a safe & reliable vehicle, for the lowest cost possible, over time.  That’s value.

Our goal is for you to look for a local North Shore Mechanic and auto repair shop, find us, and never have to look again, because you know where to come, and you know you’ll be taken care of with the our superior experience.

Do you live on Auckland’s North Shore and own a BMW, Volvo or something similar?  We have a particular interest in european auto repairs.

We look forward to helping you have a safe reliable vehicle and keeping your future car maintenance costs down to a minimum.
Spargs Auto Tune: Automobile Mechanic North Shore Auckland.