Car Service North Shore Auckland

Would you trust a Doctor using cheap unrecommended drugs with your body?

Why would you do it with your car?

The Great Kiwi Cheap Oil
Change and Service Con.

Here’s how it works.  Really simple …
1. Advertise cheap deal for an oil change and service.
2. Attract lots of people who only know the basics of a car engine.
3. Put cheap oil in car.
4. Make money on from cheap deal.

NEWSFLASH … (it is not possible for a mechanic to give the correct engine oil / service on a cheap deal, unless incorrect/cheap oil is sold. Or, if mechanical items are reported as faulty and need replacement, when they don’t.)

Problem.  That cheap oil is fine for older cars.  BUT … many newer cars need specific manufacture recommended oil.  Sometimes, very high quality premium oil.

Please … do not let some Cowboy mechanic running a deal, put that cheap oil in your car. You are running a huge risk. The money you save now, will not be worth it.  We are constantly fixing cars damaged by having cheap oil put in them, on cheap deals.  Please call us.  Find out what oil your car actually needs before you take a cheap deal somewhere.  We don’t do cheap deals here, but we WILL tell you, if your car can use the oil on a cheap deal. Then you can take the cheap deal elsewhere, knowing that is ok to do so.   We are happy to help, that’s why people trust us.

The most common reason people come to us, outside of regular maintenance and vehicle checks, is warning lights flashing on the dash.  See our number up the top of the page? Grab your phone and call us right now. We’ll run a diagnostic scan over your vehicle, and find out instantly if it’s a false alarm, or something that could end up costing you big money if it’s not sorted.

Sparg’s Auto Tune offer a wide range of fleet servicing and vehicle maintenance for small to large businesses.  We service both petrol and diesel vehicles, most makes and models.  We’ll make sure you are driving a safe reliable vehicle.

List of items we do:

  • Cambelt replacements

  • Fuel system services

  • Muffler and Exhaust system/ repairs

  • Airconditioning & Services

  • Brake drum & disc Machining

  • Major engine rebuilds

  • Fitment / supply towbars

  • Vehicle Recovery

  • General Electrical Repairs

  • Auto Transmission Flushing and Service

  • Clutch Overhaul and Manual Gearbox repairs

  • Power Steering Service & Repairs

  • Engine Major & Minor Tuning

  • ABS & Airbag Faults

  • Emmission Testing

  • Wheel alignment

  • New Tyres

  • Warrant of Fitness & repairs

  • Diesel & Petrol Servicing

  • Cooling Systems Flush & Repairs

  • Check & Repairs Alternators

  • AA Batteries sold here

Sparg’s Auto Tune provides North Shore Auckland car owners a top quality Car Service.  We help with auto repairs and pre purchase inspections too.  Sparg’s Auto Tune has developed into North Shore Auckland’s  premier mechanic as evidenced by our reviews on the major customer review sites.  We look forward to helping you.   For additional information call us at: 09-442 1091