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Auto Service North Shore | 16 Tips for choosing a Mechanic

Auto Service North Shore | 16 Tips for choosing a Mechanic


1.  Research before you need one. If you wait until your car breaks down, you’ll be rushed into making a decision. So use the following tips to gather a list of mechanics in your area and narrow it down to the perfect place.

2.  Skip the dealership. Head to an independent mechanic — they’re cheaper.

3.  Get referrals. Ask people you know who they use.  Ask the mechanics themselves to show you referrals or testimonials.  Be aware they will often be cherry picked, but … if they can’t give you any, that should worry you.

4.  Talk to other owners. Checking out the used-car classifieds and call people who own your make and model to see which mechanics they’ve used.

5.  Ignore the tow truck driver or anyone else with a monetary interest in where you take your car. Many are partnered up and get kick backs for sending people to them.

6.  Read Online reviews.   Type in Auto Service North Shore Auckland and look for reviews, there are tons.

8.  Find a shop with the right equipment. Modern cars have advanced computer systems that need special tools to diagnose problems. Make sure the shop you use has the right diagnostic equipment for your vehicle. Otherwise, the mechanic may not fix the problem correctly, and you could find yourself right back in the shop.

Ask the mechanic what equipment he plans to use on your car and if that equipment is specific to the make and model. Then ask to see the equipment. Some less-than-honest mechanics will tell you they have something when they don’t.

9.  Don’t shop by price alone. You don’t need to pay top dollar to get great service, but you can’t base your decision on just price. The mechanic may be cheap for a reason.

7.  Look for certifications.  Type in Auto Service North Shore and look for memberships to MTA.

8.  Ask for a warranty. A great mechanic has no problem backing up his work with a warranty or guarantee. Look for the longest warranty with the most options. Be wary of 30-day or less warranties. Ninety days or more is reasonable.

9.  Ask about parts. Ask what brand or type of parts the mechanic uses and why. Some mechanics use only factory parts, but they usually cost more than after market parts, and they aren’t always needed. A good mechanic uses factory parts when he has to and aftermarket parts the rest of the time to reduce costs for clients.

10.   Look for a automotive service mechanic with a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Spargs Auto Tune, 62D Porana Road, North Shore, Auckland, 0627, 09 442 1091

Type in Auto Service North Shore Auckland …

and if you can’t see  that they aren’t willing to back up the work, it’s not a good sign.  They should have a customer satisfaction policy.

13.  Stake out the shop. Want to see how the mechanic really works? Pause outside the shop. If you see customers leaving angry, he lacks customer service skills.  Search for Type in Auto Service North Shore, find an address and go see them, if the shop bay is dirty and littered with parts, he’s not being professional.

14.  Do an honesty check.  Take your car to the mechanic when you know nothing is wrong, but tell him you think there’s a problem. An honest mechanic will tell you there isn’t one.

15.  Start with a small job. Test drive a new mechanic with a small job like an oil change or air filter replacement.

16.  Ask questions. The mechanic should answer all of them in layman’s terms and without attitude. It’s your money, and you deserve to know where it’s going and why.

Spargs Auto Tune
#D 62 Porana Road
Wairau Valley
Auckland, 0627
09 442 1091


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