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It’s all about trust and balance and integrity when it come to getting your car engine maintenance right.

‘Integrity’ ensures you can ‘Trust‘ that you won’t be conned into unnecessary expenses. ‘Balance’ that, with getting the right maintenance, at the right time will avoid large expense in the future…



New Scann Tool

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Spargs Auto Tune Motorsport

North Island Mahindra Endurance Series. We have just completed the And WON our class in a little Toyota Levin 1600!!!!
Our BMW racing car is currently lying at 6th in the championship and looking forward to Taupo 26th September 2014 …

Petrol Injector Cleaner

Petrol Injector Testing Machine that can test your petrol injector and we re-condition them as well !!


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Removing The Difficulty Associated With Auto Repair by your local north shore mechanic, Spargs Auto Tune.

For the most part, many people are clueless when it comes to even making a decision regarding how to handle an auto service. Is this person you? Don’t be clueless about such a substantial investment. Instead, stay well-informed, and you can start by paying close attention to the following helpful advice.

Check the transmission fluid every two to three months. Let your engine run and open the hood of your car. Get your north shore mechanic to use the transmission dipstick to check the fluid levels. If there is not enough fluid in your transmission you probably have a leak somewhere in your system. It is best to take the car to a car service mechanic so he can locate the leak.

Checking and repairing the air conditioning in your car is quite complex. Time for a WOF Warrant of fitness? If you need to have it checked or fixed, find an auto shop mechanic with an air conditioning certification. The gas used for air conditioning is potentially dangerous and this system is a lot more complex than the other parts in your vehicle.

Each time you get your vehicle repaired at your north shore mechanic, no matter what the reason, be sure you have a record of your car maintenance. Having detailed records will be useful if you need to perform more automotive repair on your vehicle. No engine repair records means a blank slate to go on.

Do not make the mistake of having someone fix your vehicle just because the amount they charge is cheaper than everyone else for a vehicle service. Many times the low prices make up for the lack in quality work. Doing research on the repair shop in question will help you decide if that is the case here and be able to say – fix my car.

After having read these tips, you are now ready to take on a different mindset when it comes to local auto repair. You can be happy that you know what to do, and you can now take care of your car repairs cost correctly. No reason for you to come out on the wrong end of any deals at your north shore mechanic.